cancer treatment
By testing multiple chemotherapies on a patient's cancer cells before treating a cancer patient, ChemoFx helps determine the chemotherapies that are more likely to be effective and helps guide the physician away from therapies that are more likely to be ineffective- giving patients a powerful advantage in the fight against gynecologic cancer.
New Data Shows Unparalleled Overall Survival Improvement with ChemoFx!

Recently published studies in Gynecologic Oncology and the British Journal of Cancer demonstrate a 14-month improvement in median overall survival when patients are treated with sensitive therapies as identified by ChemoFx and show ChemoFx is predictive of treatment-specific outcome! To learn more about this exciting data: Physicians - CLICK HERE!
Patients or Caregivers - CLICK HERE!

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Each and every patient's cancer is unique. That's why we at Precision Therapeutics believe in ensuring that every patient receives treatment that is customized to his or her individual needs.

Our mission is simple: support physicians in their treatment decisions and improve the chances for a better quality of life for those living with cancer.

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What is ChemoFx?

The ChemoFx drug response marker helps improve patient outcomes by supporting physicians in the selection of effective treatments for their gynecologic cancer patients. It's a test that quantifies an individual gynecologic cancer patient's probable tumor response to various chemotherapeutic and biologic agents. While not intended to replace standard of care therapy, ChemoFx provides valuable insights that support physicians' treatment decisions and give both physicians and patients an edge against gynecologic cancer.

cancer treatment
cancer treatment